Nine Ways To Create a Regenerative, Local Economy

By Roar Bjonnes

Photo: Courtesy Systems Change Alliance

The slogan “Think Globally, Act Locally” has been around for some years now. …

by Roar Ramesh Bjonnes

The Power of Mantras

All mantras are words, but not all words are mantras.

Some years ago, when I was living and teaching as a yogic monk, I initiated a young man into the Tantric path of yoga. According to traditional custom, after he had received…

by Roar Ramesh Bjonnes

We often think of yoga as a set of physical exercises only. But yoga also has a deep spiritual heart, especially found in its meditation practices. When we hear that yoga means union and that the practice of yoga will lead us to experience this union…

Roar Ramesh Bjonnes

I write in several disciplines: sustainable economics, the environment, systems change, Tantra and yoga.

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